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Operating a unique and innovative corporate barter program that specializes in the Media and Travel as well as Entertainment industries. Our focus is simple: we bring you new business (through access to over 50,000 businesses in North America alone) through barter and then utilize this new income to expand your current exposure through media buys or to alleviate varied capital expenditures, including travel. Although we have a web-based system for accounting, we have a team of specialized brokers (media, travel, bi-lingual, +) that work to both bring you business as well as assist your primary corporate broker in your purchasing needs. Our focus is national, but we work with travel, media and other companies throughout the world as well. Financial differentials: • No cost to establish and account with us, no retainer required, no membership fee. • No transaction fees when you sell • 12% transaction fee only when you purchase using funds from your account. • No monthly or annual fees. • No maintenance fees. Please let me know any questions you have as we would greatly enjoying serving you as a client and partner in business. "Unsold inventory represents more than just lost revenue. It's like leaving money on the table that could have been invested," said renowned hotel industry consultant Sean Hennessey, President of Lodging Investment Advisors, LLC. • Specialties: Media (OOH, magazine, online, outdoor, creative) • Collaboration - strategic connections • Travel industry (local, luxury, events/conferences) • Entertainment in Broadway shows, sports tickets, theme parks in various locations including Orlando. • Experienced in international & multicultural environments • Flexibile and open for creative and innovative solutions. – contact us through our booking form to see how we can help.

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We are a corporate barter company that specializes in media/marketing and travel, entertainment & tourism, but we have thousands of clients that offer products/services of all types throughout the US and beyond.

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We provide a range of consultancy services. From a simple and objective review of the status quo to a strategic future-proof development plan - we can help. We can also provide guidance that enables your business to stay lean and focused – an absolute necessity in today’s agile and ever-changing market. Our team will work with you every step of the way because our business is about helping you boost yours.


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